Benefits to People in our Region

This Partnership’s goal is to help achieve a high quality, cooperative and comprehensive post-secondary education and research system in the region which supports social and cultural development and economic sustainability. It is about delivering to student needs and regional demand in the Bay of Plenty.

A collaborative approach to tertiary provision in the Bay of Plenty provides the following...

Tertiary and research delivery to meet regional needs

This is a unique partnership between tertiary providers and the region they serve. Via the Bay of Plenty Tertiary Education and Research Action Plan, the Partnership is focused on assisting the Bay of Plenty achieve three high level goals:

1. Increase participation in tertiary education within the Bay of Plenty, particularly for young Māori

2. Increase research and commercialisation capability aligned to sectors in which the Bay of Plenty

has a comparative advantage

3. Target tertiary provision and interventions to optimise regional productivity and economic


Seamless educational pathways for students.

(i.e. students can start a qualification with one institution and pathway into and complete a qualification with a partner institution without having to leave the region, or reapply to undertake further study).

Enhancements to the quality education already offered by the Partners individually.

Increased opportunities for collaboration in research, providing enhanced pathways for students from certificates, diplomas to degrees, combining expertise and skills to develop new regionally relevant programmes.

Working together positions the region as an appealing international education market.

Provides  transparent pathways between the institutions, and better profiling for the region’s distinctiveness which, alongside the attractions of the area will attract international students

Increased opportunities for Māori to engage in tertiary education.

The partnership is able to provide a distinctive range of programmes underpinned by kaupapa Māori coupled with unique pedagogy and a variety of delivery modes. It is able simultaneously to offer a broader range of entry options to degree study, a wider choice of core subjects and ability for students to access high-quality tertiary learning without leaving the region. Through marae-centred learning and established networks that reach deep into Māori and rural communities, the Partnership is able to encourage more Māori to access educational opportunities and then move on to further education via its pathway programmes. This integrated and co-ordinated ‘total package’ approach to regional tertiary provision more fully reflects community and cultural needs.

Economic Benefits to our Region

The Partnership already provides a range of benefits that are likely to be enhanced with the development of the new campus and the increased students.

•  The Partnership contributes to employment growth in the region directly - currently employing

around 600 full-time equivalent staff in the Bay of Plenty.

•  It contributes indirectly by working with industry and community groups in the region to ensure

their future skill needs are met and by supporting business growth by way of research or capability development.

•  The Partnership is closely aligned to the region’s economic development strategy, Bay of

Connections (which has employment growth as its single measurable outcome), and works with industry-led sector advisory groups to anticipate future skill needs and develop its suite of programmes accordingly.